Dan Bilzerian: A genius or a complete idiot.


You have probably heard his name sometimes. Dan Bilzerian, the most iconic Instagram celebrity of the moment and also a famous poker player. He is the son of Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen. He was born in Tampa, Florida, United Stated of America on 7 December 1980 and he also has a brother who plays poker.
But what do you make of a person like him: a genius or a complete idiot.
On the one hand he has got everything he desires. Various beautiful houses, in Hollywood Hills, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. A car collection that is worth millions of dollars. For example, he owns a Lamborghini Aventador, a 1965 Shelby Cobra, a Bentley Continental, and old Land Cruiser to go to the beach and a Brabus 6X6 AMG G63. He is surrounded by beautiful women, he is a celebrity on Instagram with more than 10 million followers and he does what he wants and just enjoys life. Plus, his capital is estimated at 150 million dollars. So not bad.
But his life is not always a bed of roses. Over the years he has also experienced the necessary setbacks. He was involved in various court cases. He was also arrested once but luckily this case did not have a dramatic outcome, although he had to pay the necessary fines.
Not the mention the fact that he has already suffered three heart attacks while he is still so young and who knows who many STDs he has had, and other medial complaints caused by his exuberant lifestyle and heavy drugs use.
But one thing is for sure, he has everything that money can buy, and he enjoys his life to the full. So is this man simple a genius or a complete idiot.
The choice is yours.

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